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Sections available in Inspired

In Inspired, you can add sections on any page. There a few default sections that appear on each page, such as the announcement bar, the header, and the footer.

  • Announcement bar: The announcement bar lets you communicate important information to your customers from any page. The section has no settings on its own, but you can customize up to 12 different announcement blocks to display. You can add a link to an announcement bar to make it clickable and take customers to a specific page.
  • Header: The header displays on all pages in your theme.
  • Footer: The footer displays on all pages in your theme.
  • Blog posts: If you have a blog on your Shopify store, then you can use a Blog post section to highlight posts from that blog. 
    • Each blog post in the Blog posts section shows the first 55 words of a post's excerpt. If the blog post doesn't have an excerpt, then the first 30 words of the post are displayed instead.
  • Collage: You can create a collage of videos, images, products, and collections. Each Collage section contains three blocks. By default, the section contains a video, product, and collection block. 
    • To create a collage of more than three blocks, add additional collage sections below the first and don't include a Heading value to the lower collage sections. The collage sections will appear to flow together as a single section. 
  • Collection list: You can add a list of collections that you want to highlight. You can add up to 16 collection blocks to a collection list.
  • Contact form: Your contact form sends all submissions to your store's Sender email address. You can change the sender email address in the General settings of your Shopify admin.
  • Custom Liquid: You can add your own Liquid code to create a custom section.
    • Add app snippets provided in the instructions from your downloaded apps to easily introduce apps to your pages.
    • Add custom Liquid code directly in the editor.
  • Email signup: You can add a section where customers can enter their email address and subscribe to your newsletter or marketing. When a customer subscribes, a customer account is created in your Shopify admin.
  • Featured product: You can add a section that features a specific product.
  • Featured collection: You can add a section that displays products in one collection.
  • Image banner: The image banner section supports one or two images, and a text box with buttons. If two images are used, then they are displayed side by side on desktop. On mobile, you can choose whether the images display side by side or in a column.
    • On desktop, the text box partially covers the image. On mobile, the text box displays below the image.
  • Image with text: You can add a section that contains an image and a text block with an optional button to link customers to a new page. Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or even provide a review.
  • Multicolumn: You can use the mulitcolumn section to display content in a column layout, and add a button below the columns to take the customer to a new page. Pair text with an image to focus on your chosen product, collection, or blog post. Add details on availability, style, or provide a review.
  • Page: You can choose to display the content of a custom page in a section. This brings the entire content of the page into the section, but doesn't bring any Liquid code from any template.
  • Rich text: You can add a rich text section with a header, paragraph content, and a button to link customers to a new page.
  • Video: You can add a video section to embed a video from YouTube or Vimeo on a page in your store.
  • FAQ: You can add a FAQ section to answer your customers' frequently asked questions.