Step 4: Learn about the ideal Shopify image sizes

You can use many different kinds of images on your online store, including your company logo, product images, slideshows, banners, and blog post images. Depending on how and where you want to use an image, it might be best to upload it in a certain size or format.

Here’s a general overview of the most commonly used Shopify image sizes:

Image type
Width x Height (pixels)
Product images
2048 x 2048
Collection images
1024 x 1024
Slideshow banner images
1600 x 500
Banner images
1800 x 1000
Shopify background image
1920 x 1080
Blog page top banner, Contact page top banner, About us page top banner
1800 x 1000
Shopify logo
Up to 900 x 500
Video placeholder image
1600 x 900
Featured promotions
840 x 840
Newsletter popup image
425 x 575
800 x 800
32 x 32
Checkout page top banner
1800 x 300
Password page background image
1600 x 1000
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