Collapsible content

Collapsible content section helps break up longer descriptions and make them more visually appealing.

The Collapsible content section is handy when showing important notices or information without taking up too much space.

1. Our guide to set up a Collapsible content section:


  • In the theme editor, click Add section.

  • Locate Collapsible content.

  • Click Save.

2. Section blocks:

  • By default, there are four blocks added. You can edit them, remove them, or add more blocks.

  • To edit the collapsible content blocks, simply click on the collapsible content block you want to edit in your sidebar.

Question: Set the question into the provided field, for example, "When do I get free shipping?"

Answer: Set the answer into the provided field.

The Collapsible content section is not only used for FAQs but you can do more, like an about us text.

3. Collapsible content section settings:

  • Click on the Collapsible content section to open the section settings.

  • Heading: Add the needed message/information into the provided fields. Delete the text in this field to remove the heading.

  • Set the size of the heading: choose between Small, Medium, or Large.

  • Select the position of the heading text: choose between Center, Left, or Right.

  • Layout & Color scheme: You can modify the container's color for each collapsible row.

When you select No container for Layout, the color will not change. The default color will be Background 1, even if you change the color in the color scheme setting.

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