The Page section lets you insert custom content from any page you create in your Shopify admin. This section gives you a huge amount of flexibility to create and display the kind of content you want.

Our guide to set up a Page section:

  1. In the theme editor, click Add section.

  2. Locate Page.

  1. Click on the Page section to open the section settings.

  1. Use the Select page button to find the page you created in the Shopify admin.

Before selecting a page for your section, create and format a page in your Shopify admin.

After selecting a page, the entire title and content of the page into the page section but don't bring any Liquid code from any template.

  1. Click Save.

One great use for the page section is inserting charts or tables, and text content with more options to text style the font and layout of the theme.

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