Add products to store

You can add a product such as its price, variants, and availability from the Products page in your Shopify admin.

How to add a new product?

1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

2. From the Products page, click Add product.

3. Enter information for your product, with additional details.

The details that you provide for a product affect the way that the product is displayed to customers, make it easier for you to organize your products, and help customers find the product.

You need to provide:

  • Title - The name of your product that you want to display to your customers.

  • Description - The detailed description of your product.

  • Media - The images, 3D models, and video demonstrate to your customers what the product looks like.

  • Pricing:

PriceCompare-at price

The price that you're charging for the product. You can set the currency on the General settings page. Click Charge taxes on this product if the product is taxable.

The original price for a product that is on sale.

  • Inventory - The number of product

  • Shipping - This option is for a physical product that you ship.

  • Variants - For a product that has variants, this section displays the options for the product, such as color and size. Each combination of option values for a product can be a variant of that product.

  • Status - If you no longer want to display a product in your online store, but you don’t want to permanently delete the product, then you can archive the product instead.

You can archive a single product, or archive multiple products at the same time using a bulk action. If you archive a product, then the product is moved to the Archived tab of the Products page.

To archive a product:

  • Click the product that you want to archive.

  • On the product details page, click Archive product.

  • Click Archive product.

  • Including and excluding products from your sales channels

You can control where you are selling a product by including it in your active sales channels. If you decide to exclude a product from a particular sales channel, then it will be hidden from that channel.

To view or change a product's publishing settings:

  • Click > Manage sales channels.

  • Select the sales channels and apps that you want to include the product in.

  • Click Done.

4. Click Save.

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