Footer blocks

The Footer appears at the bottom of every page. It's a great place for quick-access links, contact details, and other store information.

You can add three different types of blocks and re-arrange them in your Footer: Menu, Text, and Image.

  • The Image block is great for a logo image, or anything you like. There are no required image dimensions. Use the Image width slider to adjust the size of your image. (from 50px to 200px)

  • The Text block can be used to highlight important information, such as store details or contact information.

You can add a brief title to the Heading field and a short paragraph to the Subtext field (use the formatting options to add bold, italic, and linked text.)

  • The Menu block displays a column of links from one of the Shopify navigation menus. You can add heading text to display above the links. Only top-level menu items are shown in the footer, so drop-down menu types won't display as expected.

  • Left - Aligns the content to the left of the block.

  • Center (default) - Aligns the content to the center of the block.

  • Right - Aligns the content to the right of the block.

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