Page Templates

InspiredTheme includes ready-to-use page templates for your store including: About Us, Contact, FAQ, etc. These templates allow you to create a customizable layout for the pages.

You can start customizing the page with the pre-defined sections included in InspiredTheme.

1. How to add a new page to your online store

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Pages.

  • Click Add page.

  • Enter a title and content for the page. Be descriptive and clear when choosing your page title. Your page title is displayed in the tab or title bar of browsers, and also in search engine results.

  • In the Visibility section, select when the page should be published. By default, your new page is visible after you click Save. Select the Hidden option if you want your new page to be hidden from your online store.

  • Next, choose a Theme template to be used, also known as Page template:

  • Click Save.

2. Customizing the page layout

To customize the layout of a page, you will need to customize the layout of the template that has been assigned to that page.

  • Access the Theme editor and click on the link to a page on the header/footer menu to access that page.

  • Work with sections on the left-hand sidebar to make changes to the page content and layout.

You can add, edit, and rearrange sections to create different layouts with the content and features you want.

  • Click Save. Visit the page in your online store to make sure the changes appear. You might have to reload the browser to view saved changes.

How to use Sections - Click here »

Note: Page templates cannot be assigned on unpublished or trial themes. All changes to your templates will be saved but can only be assigned when published and purchased.

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