The collage section is a versatile way to show off special collections and seasonal offerings. It lets you create a grid-based gallery of images or videos.

1. Our guide to set up a Collage section:


  • In the theme editor, click Add section.

  • Select Collage.

  • Click Save.

2. Section Blocks:

Each College section contains three blocks. By default, the section contains a video, product, and collection block. To create a collage of more than three blocks, add additional collage sections below the first and don't include a Heading value to the lower collage sections. The collage sections will appear to flow together as a single section.

Mix and match between large and small blocks to create many different grid effects.

  • Image: Use the "Select image" setting to add an image from the Image library.

  • Product: Use the “Select product” setting to add a product.

  • Collection: Use the “Select collection” setting to add a collection.

  • Video: Paste a video link into the URL field to add a video to the section.

3. Collage section settings:

  • Click on the Collage section to open the section settings.

  • Heading: enter heading text to display as a section title. Or leave it blank if you do not want to display it.

  • Desktop layout: adjust the large block’s position to the left or right.

  • Mobile layout: adjust the blocks' position to the Collage or Column.

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