Collapsible tab

You can add an answer to common questions or compactly add further product details with a Collapsible tab block.

1. Our guide to set up a Collapsible tab block:


  • In the theme editor, under the Product information section, click Add block.

  • Select Collapsible tab.

  • Click Save.

2. Collapsible tab block settings:

  • Click on the new Collapsible tab block to open the settings.

  • Change the Heading text to display as the title. We recommend a heading that clearly labels the content.

  • Add a Tab content that will display when the Tab is opened. Use the formatting buttons to add text styles, links, or lists.

  • With Tab content from page, choose the Select page button:

You can assign content from a page created in your Shopify admin.

  • Icon: You can use the drop-down options to change the icon to match the content of the Text field. Available icons are Box, Chat bubble, Checkmark, Dryer, Eye, Heart, Iron, Leaf, Leather, Lock, Map pin, Pants, Plane, Price tag, Question mark, Return, Ruler, Shirt, Shoe, Silhouette, Star, Truck, and Washing.

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