Creating collection templates

There is one Default collection template for every collections page. This means that changes made to a default collection template will apply to all collections that use that template.

To change the content or style of a specific collection, you will need to create a new template and then assign the template to that collection in the Shopify admin.

1. How to create a new collection template:

  • In the theme editor, use the page selector to open Collections > Create template.

  • Add Name in the provided field for the new template. (e.g. Body)

For the Based on drop-down menu, select which existing template you want to base your new template on. The new template will duplicate the settings of the template you selected.

  • Click Save.

2. How to assign the collection template

After creating a collection template, return to the Shopify admin and assign the newly created template to the collection.

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.

  • Locate the collection that you want to change the template.

  • In the Theme template option, use the drop-down menu to select a new theme template to apply to the selected collection.

  • Click Save.

Note: Collection templates cannot be assigned on unpublished or trial themes. All changes to your templates will be saved but can only be assigned when published and purchased.

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