Creating collection templates

There is one Default collection template for every collections page. This means that changes made to a default collection template will apply to all collections that use that template.
To change the content or style of a specific collection, you will need to create a new template and then assign the template to that collection in the Shopify admin.

1. How to create a new collection template:

  • In the theme editor, use the page selector to open Collections > Create template.
  • Add Name in the provided field for the new template. (e.g. Body)
For the Based on drop-down menu, select which existing template you want to base your new template on. The new template will duplicate the settings of the template you selected.
  • Click Save.

2. How to assign the collection template

After creating a collection template, return to the Shopify admin and assign the newly created template to the collection.
  • From your Shopify admin, go to Products > Collections.
  • Locate the collection that you want to change the template.
  • In the Theme template option, use the drop-down menu to select a new theme template to apply to the selected collection.
  • Click Save.
Note: Collection templates cannot be assigned on unpublished or trial themes. All changes to your templates will be saved but can only be assigned when published and purchased.
Last modified 1mo ago