Inventory status

The Inventory status block displays a dynamic indicator bar that alerts customers when there are limited quantities.

Displaying your stock level can turn limited stock quantities into an advantage by conveying a sense of scarcity to increase conversion and quicker purchases.

1. Our guide to set up Inventory status block:


  • In the theme editor, in the Product information section, click Add block.

  • Select Inventory status.

  • Click Save.

2. Inventory status block setting:

  • Click on the Inventory status block to open the settings.

  • Select the product quantity (between 1 and 20) in the Low inventory threshold setting.

When your current product inventory matches or goes below the Low inventory threshold, the indicator bar will display a "Limited quantities available" message about the number of products left in stock and a status line!

Note: Before adding an Inventory status block, you need to enable the Track quantity option for your product and product variants.

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