Rich text

The Rich text section displays a block of text to get your message across to your customers in a clear and direct way. It describes a product, shares announcements, or welcomes customers to your store

1. Our guide to set up a Rich text section:

  • In the theme editor, click Add section.
  • Select Rich text.
  • Click Save.

2. Section blocks:

  • Heading: Enter heading text to display as a section title
  • Text: Add text to be displayed below the heading text.
  • Button: Add custom text for your call-to-action button, and fill in the link to a page where the button will redirect when clicked.

3. Rich text section settings:

  • Click on the Rich text section to open the section settings.
Content alignment
Color scheme
Section padding
You can hoose how the text in this section should be aligned: Left, Center, or Right.
You can assign a color for the section using the color scheme.
You can add top padding and bottom padding to the section's content.
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