InspiredTheme Support

1. Contacting support

How to reach us for support?

Can't find an answer?

  • Message us in Live chat and we can assist you immediately.

Tips when sending a support request?

  • Check your theme version:

To check your current version of InspiredTheme, click on the ellipses (three dots) icon at the top of the Theme editor to view theme actions including the version number:

  • If you're using a draft theme, please include a Share Preview link:

When working with an unpublished theme - better known as a draft theme, you can send out a Share preview link which allows anyone who has the link to preview your work/site.

Share preview links expire after a certain number of days and are randomly generated by Shopify.


  • In the Theme Editor, click on the ellipses (three dots) icon at the top of the Theme Editor to view theme actions.

  • Choose Preview.

  • When the new preview window appears, choose the green Share preview button at the bottom of your browser.

  • The popup window will display a link (middle of your screen).

  • Click the Copy link button to copy the address to your clipboard.

  • Send us that link, and paste it from your clipboard.

2. App Support

For all app-related issues or questions, Shopify's policy requires app developers to be responsible for ensuring compatibility with themes in the Theme Store. It's best if you reach out to each individual app developer when requiring assistance with their app, functionality, or conflicts.

We can only support the code we write which is InspiredTheme theme. Integrations with apps are handled by app developers directly. Each app developer has their own support system in place and can help you with issues regarding their app.

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