You can change the color scheme to align the theme with your brand's style.

You can define different colors in your theme settings and apply the colors to different sections throughout your online store with a color scheme picker.

1. How to change colors in your theme?

  • In the theme editor, click Theme settings.

  • Locate Colors.

  • To set your color, enter a hex color code or choose the color from the color picker. To set the color to transparent, delete the hex code from the text field.

  • Click Save.

2. The Colors section includes the following parts:

  • Primary color:

  • Secondary color:


Accent 1: Used for solid button background.

Outline button: Applied to the button border and link text.

Background 1: Your store’s background color. This is the most dominant color present in your store.

  • Color gradient: If you want to add more visual interest to your background, Inspiered Themes offers the option to use gradients. You can assign gradient colors to sections of the theme.

Gradients create a smooth transition between two or more colors, resulting in a dynamic and eye-catching background.

3. Example: Customize Rich text background colors

  • Click the Rick text section to open the Color scheme setting.

  • Open the color list and choose a specific color to change the section background to that color. Click Save.

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