Announcement bar

An announcement bar is a short snippet where you can showcase a message to your store. Using an announcement bar in your store is one of the easiest ways to draw visitors' attention.

You might add an announcement bar to highlight the following information:

  • Shipping information

  • New stock alerts

  • Any promotions, such as sales or new gift cards, etc.

1. Announcement block settings:

  • Click the arrow beside the Announcement bar section to reveal the announcement blocks.

  • Text: Add your message to the Text field. It displayed for an announcement.

  • Icon: You can use the drop-down options to change the icon to match the content of the Text field. Available icons are Box, Chat bubble, Checkmark, Dryer, Eye, Heart, Iron, Leaf, Leather, Lock, Map pin, Pants, Plane, Price tag, Question mark, Return, Ruler, Shirt, Shoe, Silhouette, Star, Truck, and Washing.

  • Color scheme: Choose a color scheme to change the background of your announcement block.

  • Link: Use this field to link the announcement bar to a specific page on your store or an external URL. If the 'Link' field is left empty, no link is applied.

2. Announcement bar section settings:

  • Click on the Announcement bar section to open the section settings.

  • Show announcement: Enable/disable the bar by checking/unchecking the eye icon.

The Announcement bar automatically hides when there are no announcements.

  • Enable auto-scroll: If you have multi-announcements, you can activate the Enable auto-scroll setting to collapse announcements. Your announcements will automatically scroll.

  • Direction: auto-scroll announcement across Left or Right.

  • Speed: Set the scrolling speed of each announcement bar. You can choose between Slow, Normal, or Fast.

Announcements will pause when visitors hover over the announcement bar.

  • Color scheme: Choose a color scheme to change the background of your announcement bar.

When you enable auto-scroll, the color of the section will override all announcement blocks' colors.

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