Default product blocks

The default product blocks in the Produce information section are the essential components of your product form.

The default product blocks include the product header, description, variant picker, quantity selectors, and buy buttons. Click the arrow beside the Product information section to reveal these blocks.

See the Default product blocks guide:

Title: Display the title of your product.

The Product title block displays the title of your product entered in your Shopify admin settings.

Price: Display the price of your product, including the sale or compared price.

The Product price block displays the price of your product entered in your Shopify admin settings.

Variant picker: Display variants of product options.

The Variant picker block displays available product options (e.g. Size or Material) with selectable variants.

Click on the Variant selector block to open settings: Select Variant Dropdown or Variant Button.

Quantity selector: Let customers add more quantities of a product.

The Quantity selector lets customers add more than one of the product to the cart at one time.

Description: Display product description as a paragraph or accordion.

The Description block displays the product description as added in your Shopify admin.

Buy buttons: Add-to-cart button with optional dynamic checkout button.

A Local pickup banner automatically appears below the buy buttons when local pickup is set up in your Shopify admin.

Click on the Buy button block to open settings:

The Dynamic checkout button lets customers quickly buy the product they're viewing with a "Buy it now" button that skips directly to the cart or a branded button with the customer's preferred payment method.

To enable this option, click on the Buy buttons block to access its settings and check the Show dynamic checkout buttons checkbox.

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