Step 2: Follow our suggestions for a better design experience

For a better experience when editing your theme, we recommend you complete the following steps:

  1. Draft a design plan for your online store. This plan should help you define the look and feel of your online store, for example, your online store's content, layout, typography, and colors.

  2. Add products to your online stores or import our sample products so that you can customize the product page and cart page as well as evaluate whether or not your products fit the current store's look and feel.

  3. Create collections, for example, New Arrivals Collection, Summer collection,... With collections prepared beforehand, you're able to edit the collection page and add products to your homepage.

  4. Create pages for providing information to your customer about your business, such as the Privacy policy page, Terms of Service page, Shipping policy page,... You can create your own pages or create them from templates that we attached to the theme files and customize them. Please note If you decide to use our templates, please do not blindly use their content without any customization. You should customize them based on your business information.

  5. Create navigation menus that comprise pages to help your customers navigate around your online store. When it comes to editing your store's header and footer, having menus prepared helps you structure them with ease.

  6. Update your store's general settings, including Timezone, Unit system, and Store currency.

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