Product information section settings

You can customize the style and layout of your product media.

1. Click on the Product information section to open the settings.

2. Enable sticky content on the desktop:

The product form stays in view while scrolling stacked images. The main benefit is that it allows shoppers to have access to the call-to-action buttons while scrolling product images.
Sticky behavior ends when the shopper has reached the last product image and continues to the content below.

3. Customize the media layout in your product information section with options for desktop and mobile:

  • Select a style to change the desktop layout of your product media.
Thumbnails & Thumbnail carousel
Stacked displays all product media stacked upon each other.
Thumbnails and Thumbnail carousel display all product images as small clickable images under the main product image.
  • Select the Desktop media size of your product media. Either Small, Medium, or Large.
Small size
Medium size
Large size
  • Uncheck the Enable video looping checkbox to make product videos play a single time after customers click play.
  • With the option Hide other variants’ media after selecting a variant:
Before checking the box
After checking the box
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